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Multi-platform Development

Multi-Platform Developmentfor you & your clients

Mobile opens up a whole new world of enterprise work-force productivity and external engagement. Velocity excels at both. READ MORE.

Days not Weeks

Create Your Mobile Solution In A Week Not Months

The average time to master coding on most popular native mobile platforms is about 8 months vs. weeks for Velocity. READ MORE.

Made for Agile

Interpreted, not compiled.Perfect for agile cycles.

When you update your XML code on your enterprise server, it gets sent to the flexClient app on the users device to interpret and optimize the UX. Make changes on the fly, as often as you want and users see results instantly. READ MORE.

1000s of Devices

Automatically support 1000+ different mobile devices

With Velocity, your enterprise can take full advantage of thousands of different native mobile handset and tablet features, WITHOUT having to deal with device and O/S fragmentation. READ MORE.

Easy to Update

Use existing tools to create.Stable. Easy to update.

Nothing new to install. Using your preferred development tools, existing infrastructure and the common, easy to understand XML language, your team can have a mobile app ready in no time. READ MORE.

Backed by 15+ years experience

Backed by 15+ yearsof Enterprise Experience

Velocity, a rapid application development platform delivers exceptional web content management, portal, mobile and strategy solutions to a wide range of enterprise clients. READ MORE.

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