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The Velocity Approach

a solution that enables enterprises to confidently and rapidly deploy mobile apps regardless of OS

Conceived in 2008 and launched in 2009, Velocity has redefined how to mobilize the enterprise. Used by companies throughout North America, Velocity is currently licensed for deployment on over 25,000 enterprise mobile devices ranging from departmental solutions for teams of 250 to large enterprise internal / customer solutions in the thousands.

Velocity now exclusively licensed by Wmode

For enterprises, mobility is becoming increasingly important in maintaining a competitive edge and allowing seamless communication between employees and their customers. Since 2009, Kryos has redefined the approach to mobilizing enterprises while also resolving the problematic nature of a BYOD culture rife with new devices. The Velocity platform provides enterprise customers with the ability to rapidly mobilize enterprise systems in order to get the information they need onto feature phones, smart phones and other connected devices regardless of OS.

In 2012, Kryos Systems signed an exclusive global distribution agreement with Wmode, whereby Wmode was authorized to license and sell the Velocity Platform to enterprise customers. The strong combination of the Velocity Platform together with Wmode's professional services group, deep wireless expertise and market reach ensures Velocity's continual growth in the enterprise market.

Consulting Services Available

In addition to providing the Velocity platform to enterprise development teams, ISVs and VARs around the world, Wmode and the Velocity Team also offer consulting services to companies looking for leadership to analyze, imagine, create and optimize end-to-end mobile strategies.

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