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Who's Using Velocity

As an enterprise, mobile opens up a whole new world of internal work-force productivity and external customer engagement, and Velocity excels at them all. Whether you are a C-Suite executive or a product development leader, Velocity provides a unique opportunity for your enterprise to adopt an integrated internal/client-facing end2end mobile strategy that can define the future success of your business.

Sykes Assistance Services

Read how Sykes uses Velocity for branded mobile roadside assistance apps for the auto manufacturers they support.

Sierra Systems

Read how Sierra Systems utilized Velocity to unify 3 different back office systems to mobilize their reporting.

Sykes Assistance Services

Read how NeoSystems utilized Velocity with .NET to mobilize their existing iTrak® workflow system.

We're proud to serve many customers, including:


Sykes is a global leader in providing customer contact management solutions and services in the business process outsourcing (BPO) arena. Sykes uses Velocity to build mobile roadside assistance applications for car manufacturers. There will be 9+ manufacturers releasing the applications in the first part of 2012.

ConocoPhillips Canada

ConocoPhillips Canada is one of the Canada’s largest oil and natural gas production and exploration companies, with operations in western Canada, the Arctic, Atlantic Canada and oil sands interests near Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Gordon Food Service

Gordon Food Service is North America's largest family-owned broadline foodservice distributor. GFS uses Velocity AppXtender to mobilize workflow applications for its mobile driver employee base.

3M Canada

3M Mining Canada developed an application used by mobile sales reps in the field to check on inventory and place orders saving time and providing enhanced delivery services.

Precision Drilling

Precision Drilling is one of North America’s largest oilfield services providing contract drilling, well servicing and strategic support services to customers. Precision mobilized over 10 different applications with our Velocity AppXtender in less than 2 days.

St Elizabeth Health Care

St Elizabeth is a leader in Canadian health care as an award-winning not-for-profit and charitable organization. The team has 6,000 nurses, rehab therapists, personal support workers and crisis intervention staff who deliver nearly five million health care visits annually. SEHC traditionally used plastic ID badges to enter specific areas of health care facilities. They used Velocity to create an application that replaced the plastic badges with a smartphone application that provides a picture ID and number saving the organization $1000s of dollars in material costs.


Multivac is an international packaging equipment manufacturer. They used Velocity to create an internal sales app for reps who needed mobility as they moved around the warehouse and showrooms.