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Create Your Mobile Solution in a Week Not Months

The average time to master coding on most popular native mobile platforms is months* vs. weeks for Velocity. The elegance of Velocity multi-platform mobile development eliminates the complexity of native mobile app development AND the extra overhead and training required for cross-platform compiler frameworks. Velocity is so lean, light and therefore FAST. XML is super common and equally easy to learn. You can actually get started building apps in a matter of minutes. Here's what you could expect in your first week of implementing Velocity:

Day 1: Register

Sign up for Velocity and your first five users of your app are free, just so you can check it out. Within 2 business days, we'll create your flexClient apps for all supported platforms. These apps will have a unique ID #, which your development team will reference when coding the XML.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 2: Learn

Watch our training materials and visit our Developer Network. Also, ensure your systems can produce XML and communicate it to the flexClient apps. XML is common and widely used among developers. Simply use common HTTP server technology capable of rendering XML and start coding.

Day 3: "Hello World"

Write your first "Hello World" XML mobile app and deploy it to your own smartphone and tablet, where you can check it out. Then, you'll continue to iterate, modifying the XML app to include data from your enterprise systems, graphics, be able to collect some data and maybe do a quick calculation.

Day 3
Day 4
Day 4: Real-world Mobililty Solution Beta

Today you'll use our examples and continue to morph your "Hello World" application. You'll gain an understanding of our full range of smartWidgets, and be able to produce a functional, real-world app that can provide value to your users. You'll learn how to deploy and manage several devices.

Day 5: Clean up the Code

A good day to just relax, clean up the code and make some final edits based on a bit of feedback from people who tried the app out.

Day 5
Day 6
Day 6: Final Candidate for Release

Has it been only six days? Your first app is ready. Not bad; more powerful than you thought you'd be able to do in this short time period. To "release", just make your XML live to all users. Since the flexClient is already installed on your user's devices and able to communicate, your users will automatically start using the updated code. Don't forget to tell the users it's live.

Day 7: Rest

Rest? Well, not completely. You'll want to make sure your users get good service. If there is an improvement needed to be made, no worries. Like the first release, change it once in your XML code, and all users automatically use the update. Finally, make sure you communicate to other teams the progress you've made, and open the door to expanding your mobile footprint for both internal team processes and efficiencies, as well as client-facing interaction.

Day 7

* Source: Mobile Developer Economics 2010 and Beyond. Sponsored by Telefonica Developer Communities. June 2010. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Any use or remix of this work must retain this notice.