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Automatically Support 1000+ Different Mobile Devices

With Velocity, your enterprise can take full advantage of thousands of different native mobile handset and tablet features, WITHOUT having to deal with device and O/S fragmentation. The Velocity flexClient supports Android, Blackberry, iOS and HTML5 with over 20 different categories (widgets) of device and program usage; e.g. camera, GPS, bar graphs, data collection, calendar and email access. Velocity's backward and forward compatibility offers such a broad range of available devices capable of using the flexClient. Your app can get wide distribution with the same effort as with a single device.

Supports Current and Future Mobile Platforms

Velocity uses common XML to configure and build the mobile app. A common language among developers of all levels, XML eliminates the need to learn any new proprietary languages. Velocity currently supports Blackberry OS 4.5+, Android 2.1+ across Samsung, HTC, Google, Motorola and all other major manufacturer devices, Apple devices running iOS 5.0+, as well as any mobile device running a fully HTML5-compliant browser. And, since we always update flexClient to the latest versions of OS's, you don't have to worry about backwards or forwards compatibility.

Velocity Architecture


mobileWidgets for Native Smartphone Features

The Velocity XML schema allows for different view parts, and 20 GUI widgets such as banners, carousels, GPS, images/camera, text, and timestamps. The mobileWidgets have been optimized for individual device types, including tablets.

Device and OS Fragmentation Protection

Key to your mobile strategy is how to protect your investment against current and future fragmentation; with devices as well as carriers. Velocity handles all the nasty native handset programming in the flexClient app that we'll update on an ongoing basis for you as part of your subscription. As new devices and OS versions are released your XML will continue to work seamlessly.

OS Fragmentation