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Use existing tools to create. Stable. Easy to update.

Using your preferred development tools, existing infrastructure and Velocity's common, easy to understand XML language, your team can have a mobile app ready in no time. Nothing new to install. You don't need to create the whole app before it's useful ... great for incremental development. A single XML source. Easy to roll back if needed. Updates instantly. Stable. Fully supports offline usage.

Consider the work involved in supporting a native mobile application across multiple device platforms; for the top 4 mobile platforms, that would be about 2.5 man-years of training (avg. 8 months to master a mobile platform*); everything from the different native languages and code bases, to the various methods of redeploying the app to each of the devices. That's our job and we appreciate your trust!

One Code Base To Manage. Centralized Automatic Updates.

Working with your XML code base, you can set up your mobile solution with a common language across your development teams. XML coding is done directly on your enterprise server. Once you want to "release," the XML gets pulled by the flexClient app on each mobile device giving your teams and/or customers instantaneous access to your new code. This gives you consistency in field: by pushing your apps to users, Velocity ensures every user stays current.

One Codebase
Velocity's Platform Ensures Stability

Simplicity of Velocity virtually eliminates technical and handset complexities, thus a great deal of the real technical testing. flexClient already works on all the handsets. The only coding that needs to be done is your content based on user requirements.

Reduced Testing Costs and Headaches

This is not to say you don't need to test. All software needs testing, of course. Since Velocity's flexClient virtually eliminates technical and handset complexities, your teams can focus on content and user requirements / usability. Velocity's ability to allow developers to code small iterations means you can go fast. It's easy to create test groups. If you do find a problem, you can roll-back the code. Any change that is discovered after the "release" is easily fixable -- make the change, and it's instantly refreshed on all the user's devices.

Reduced Costs & Headaches
Seamless UX
Seamless & Uninterrupted User Experience (UX)

Velocity provides a seamless experience to users, from the optimization of flexClient on a users device to the ease of updating devices instantaneously and surreptitiously. All of this leads to less support, less downtime for devices and the ease of having only one version of your software in the field. Velocity also comes with intelliCache to provide offline functionality when devices lose connectivity, especially in remote regions or moving through dead-zone corridors in the downtown of most cities.

Reduced Training and Turnover Costs

Velocity's simplicity and common XML codebase means training is greatly reduced, and allows developers at all levels to be effective contributors. This ability for developers to get up to speed quickly means that turnover on your development team will have a reduced impact.

Reduced Training and Turnover

* Source: Mobile Developer Economics 2010 and Beyond. Sponsored by Telefonica Developer Communities. June 2010. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Any use or remix of this work must retain this notice.