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Full Feature List

Code Freedom

Any choice of HTTP server technology that can produce XML is compatible.

No Middle Ware

No need to install any middle ware or any additional appliance.

Offline Support

Velocity uses intelliCache to provide functionality when devices lose connectivity.


Velocity produces a flexClient appropriate for which ever kind of device running the app.

Centralized Updates

Updating the application on your own server will update the application on all the deployed devices.

GPS Support

Use on-board GPS hardware to build location aware applications.

Fast & Secure

Supports HTTPS with two factor authentication plus ‘on the fly’ data compression up to 70%.

Full API Access

Create applications that use the full BlackBerry, Android, and iOS smartphone platform.


Apps support BlackBerry OS 4.5+, Android 2.1+, iOS 5.0+ and HTML5.

Graphing Support

Create dashboard apps using ready-made charts & graphs or create your own.


Use an existing free library of pre built UI elements to further speed up development.